AMD Sticks With Socketed CPUs

“AMD has a long history of supporting the DIY and enthusiast desktop market with socketed CPUs & APUs that are compatible with a wide range of motherboard products from our partners. That will continue through 2013 and 2014 with the "Kaveri" APU and FX CPU lines. We have no plans at this time to move to BGA only packaging and look forward to continuing to support this critical segment of the market.”

see AMD: We're not abandoning socketed CPUs – The Tech Report.

If true, AMD should win an increasing share of PCs as DIY and motherboard makers for DIY will have no option with Intel. Of course, it could mean AMD loses share with OEMs who do care about costs…

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4 Responses to AMD Sticks With Socketed CPUs

  1. They are small but they certainly don’t seem cheap/inexpensive. It looks like Intel is trying to maintain its cash-cow. I could build a full ATX case for that price.

  2. ram says:

    Now AMD and Microsoft are NUCed!

    And in a few months the i7 versions of this come out!

  3. oiaohm says:

    Cards like these who needs sockets on cpu’s.

    Really I would like to see some standard so arm and x86 cores can simply be mixed in a box on general desktop. With energy cards you can already have a box that is part x86 and arm in server room.

  4. ram says:

    That is because AMD does not make (or at least sell) motherboards. They do sell chips that can be soldered into place, it is up to the motherboard manufacturer to make that choice.

    Unfortunately, for AMD’s latest FX and A series chips, NO motherboard manufacturer makes a motherboard that will run Linux.
    Phoronix managed to test some of the new chips, but they were used older motherboards that are no longer available.

    Intel, on the other hand, sells motherboards and even entire computers directly, most of which are designed for Linux. Intel also supplies OEMs, such as Shuttle Computers, with parts that are especially Linux friendly.

    Despite some industrial Linux users having been AMD’s largest customers, AMD seems to be turning rather Linux unfriendly. At this rate AMD will be out of cash in six months by alienating their largest industrial customers and chasing a fictional Microsoft 8 consumer gaming market.

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