Oops! FLASH Memory Unleashed From Bit-rot

“Macronix is set to reveal technologies is says will make it possible for flash memory to survive 100 million read/write cycles”

see Flash memory made immortal by fiery heat • The Register.

SSDs have been struggling against two problems in their competition with magnetic hard drives:

  • cost, and
  • bit-rot resulting from wear during writes.

The first problems is almost solved in that SSDs are now less than $1/gB and the second may have been solved by Macronix who figured out how to anneal the storage with periodic flashes of heat. This means in a year or two, SSDs will be very competitive. Hard drives still win on storage capacity but SSDs make great buffers/caches. RAM is cheaper than borscht too.

The SSDs will soon be state of the art and facilitating the move to smaller and cheaper personal computers by taking up less space and mass and taking the load off the processor to give the illusion of speed…

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  1. kozmcrae says:

    Cheaper hardware is the bane of Microsoft. It helped them for a while as their OS increased in bloat, but now, as the major components have fallen in price below the cost of the OS itself, cheap hardware along with the zero cost of */Linux reveals the ugly side of Microsoft’s OS.

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