Oracle Broken MySQL Promises

“Widenius reckons Larry Ellison’s database giant has already broken one promise it made to European regulators as part of its $8.5bn Sun Microsystems purchase when it moved parts of the database into closed source. He also accused Oracle of obfuscating on security and bug fixes, as it has not released all-important test cases for MySQL 5.5.27.”

see Monty on broken MySQL promises: Oracle's going to fork it up • The Register.

If Monty Widenius is correct and the jig is up by 2014, I have about a year to migrate all my stuff to either MariaDB or PostgreSQL. There is a plugin for WordPress which converts transactions to PostgreSQL but that would be slow. It might be easier to migrate my content to another blog… My other biggy is Wikimedia but it knows PostgreSQL so it’s just a matter of re-installing and exporting/importing content.

Oracle promised to do the right thing when it bought MySQL but they have either forgotten or more likely assume the world has forgotten. I have not. I wonder if the EU has.

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