That Rumble You Hear Is The Latest Godson Chip From China

“The Godson-3B1500 has 1.14 billion transistors, with a lot of the extra ones coming from the doubling-up of the L3 cache memory to 8MB, shared across those eight cores. The Chinese chip runs the MIPS64 instruction set and is absolutely compatible with Linux.”

see China to strut eight-core Godson-3B MIPS chip in early 2013 • The Register.

So, there you have it. China could well be free of Wintel within a few years. This CPU is sufficiently powerful for most tasks and is easy on the watts. They will have economy of scale even in their domestic market and GNU/Linux will run on the thing. What more do they need? Programmers? They have plenty, and they are looking for work.

For everything else they can use Android or GNU/Linux on ARM economically.

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4 Responses to That Rumble You Hear Is The Latest Godson Chip From China

  1. kozmcrae says:

    dougman wrote:

    “What pieces??

    OS – Gaming – Office?”

    Yes, and R & D and, wait for it… Litigation!

    Think of what OS, Gaming and Office could do without Microsoft’s suffocating bureaucracy. Unfortunately it won’t happen until after the World has embraced open source. They will have tough competition and have to overcome market inertia on their merit alone.

    Of course, I’m just projecting a lot of guess work here. It’s just one of many realities that may come to pass. As usual, what really happens will be more interesting than what any fictional account would be.

  2. dougman says:

    What pieces??

    OS – Gaming – Office?

  3. kozmcrae says:

    dougman wrote:

    “So in 5-years where is M$?”

    In pieces. Around 3 to 5 pieces. The pieces will have a better chance at being more profitable than the single, bloated, unwieldy giant. Some of the pieces may burn out but that just means they were extra fat that needed to be ejected anyway.

    The pieces will have a better chance at survival because they will have the freedom cut Microsoft’s bureaucratic cruft from their structure.

    What’s left will not be in a position to threaten the World again.

  4. dougman says:

    M$ can try and monopolize the market, working in collusion with Intel and a vain attempt to lock-up the computers from Linux, but in the end China will just build hardware surpassing Intel and M$ in one brief stroke.

    I was waiting for this, and it is arriving much sooner then expected.

    So in 5-years where is M$?

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