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Sold But Not Bought

“Microsoft has sold 40 million licenses of the Windows 8 OS since its launch a month ago.” see Microsoft: 40 million Windows 8 licenses sold | ITworld. OK, but who bought them? The OEMs? How long will they keep doing … Continue reading

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OMG! I Have To Put Up With Politics And Taxes For Decades Longer

I hope this is not right. Life is getting harder all the time but the “death-clock” tells me I have to live for decades longer. Life just isn’t fair… Some people do strange things with GNU/Linux but they do make … Continue reading

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And the Survey of Personal Computing Says…

If web stats are unreliable, we’ll have to do a survey of some kind. Here’s one. Give it a try. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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India’s Aakash 2 In Production and It Looks Good

“A new government tender is expected by January 2013 for five million units, with "up to a million" units targeted by March, according to Datawind chief executive Suneet Tuli. Ministers may appoint multiple suppliers for this next order.” see BBC … Continue reading

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That Rumble You Hear Is The Latest Godson Chip From China

“The Godson-3B1500 has 1.14 billion transistors, with a lot of the extra ones coming from the doubling-up of the L3 cache memory to 8MB, shared across those eight cores. The Chinese chip runs the MIPS64 instruction set and is absolutely … Continue reading

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