Tablet PCs Overtaking Notebook PCs in Shipments

According to DisplaySearch, “As panel shipments are always the leading indicator for set shipments, it can be seen that tablet PCs are threatening to overtake notebooks. The notebook PC may need to move to the high end with ultra-slim form factor, or to the low end, low-cost thick box, to compete.”

see Tablet PC Panels Shipment Exceeded Notebook PC Panel | DisplaySearch Blog.

In particular, in October, 2012, 18.7 million tablet panels shipped while only 16.9 million notebook panels shipped. One could argue that this is just a “dip” for notebooks, but the tablets have doubled in shipments this year while notebooks have barely moved. The only debate is when not if.

Since that other OS is on most notebook PCs shipped and Android/Linux and iOS are on most tablet PCs, this is an assault on monopoly. It’s over, M$. Bundling and exclusive dealing were cruel tricks but the world has seen through it and got around the problem. The question remains, when will M$ lose monopoly on desktop PCs? At this rate, I expect it will be only a couple of years. I will celebrate when my local Wal-mart breaks out some retail shelf-space for GNU/Linux on desktops and notebooks.

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