Munich Keeps on Saving With GNU/Linux

Munich’s IT department has reported to city council a savings of €10 million by using GNU/Linux instead of that other OS and its office suite. They graciously allowed the non-OS costs to be the same…

see Linux in Munich: saving 10 million euros | H Open.

While cost was not the prime motivator for Munich’s migration to GNU/Linux it is a clear benefit. Imagine this money rolling in forever, not just over the few years of the Limux project so far. It’s like an annual tax-discount or an annual donation of software by the world to Munich. The world can and does make its own software and it works for real people and their IT systems large or small. Munich has more than 10K PCs running GNU/Linux and FLOSS and it works for them.

Perhaps the naysayers will shut up with their constant nattering that Limux is a failure with excessive costs. They demanded an accounting and they got it. Only the mathematically challenged would not see the excessive (above market cost) licensing fees of that other OS forever amounting to less than FLOSS. Only stupid people would not see that GNU/Linux can do anything that other OS can and without the burden of the EULA, GNU/Linux can do more faster, and cheaper.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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15 Responses to Munich Keeps on Saving With GNU/Linux

  1. Sigh. Here is an example.

    In the first demonstration, the “master” uses chemistry to heat Al foil. I did that in high school, too, with no special ability. Al is very active chemically but normally protected by an oxide coating, Al2O3. Dissolve that oxide with an hydroxide and the coating breaks down allowing oxygen to combine with the Al. Any high school student can tell you how to adjust the rate of reaction with concentration (of the base dissolved in water, not of the mind) and surface area. You can see the old guy regulating the surface area. No wonder the temperature tops out at 200F. The water begins to evaporate at an increasing rate then providing cooling. I can show you a table-top I melted at a school in the North when I forgot to provide protection. I used to start every class with a bit of pizzazz to wake students up.

    In the second demonstration, the “master” uses physics to support his weight on a piece of paper on a frame. Do the maths. If you apply the weight gradually, the paper can stretch enough to distribute the weight and. if the paper is not torn, it is plenty strong enough. A more familiar example is trying to crush an egg held firmly in the hand. As long as the pressure is uniform, it takes a lot of force. Compare that with an egg falling on a flat surface from just a small height. The “frame” trick is used by aboriginal people in the North. They stretch a fresh hide on a frame and poke it with sticks to make it very supple. Try as you might, it is just about impossible to push the stick through the hide unless the stick is sharpened. Unconstrained, the hide laying flat on the ground can be pierced easily as it is only clamped around the periphery of the hole with no chance to adjust/compensate.

    So, call me a sceptic, but I think this story is silly. Others do as well.

    “The existence of qi, or any form of vitalism, has not been independently verified in a experimental setting. Such a concept is not recognized in the biological sciences.[85]
    Demonstrations in martial arts such as breaking hard objects with strikes can be fully explained using physics, without reference to the concept of qi.[86][87]
    Reported claims of supernatural abilities appear to be tricks more suited to magic shows than to any genuine scientific discipline.[7][88][89][90][91][92]”

    Youtube is wonderful. Here is a woman being tossed around on a hide. It’s obvious that a bunch of small forces can exert a large force when properly accumulated. Then there is the drum, which used to be made with thin hides stretched over a resonator. One can hit it as hard as you like and it won’t tear. I suppose a bullet would go through but a slowly applied force will do nothing but stretch the membrane.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson I understand the science behind the method.

    The record in Guinness book is in the marshal arts section under a Chinese to english name this is not an paranormal power. The Chinese side has not had its blood line fully followed. I had forgot there are two know groups. That might be 1 or might be 2. My source path Russian. Master jo zhou source path is Chinese. You are born with or without the ability. If you don’t have either of the 2 blood lines you don’t have the ability as far as we know.

    There are a few areas where the ability is the common. People without the ability in those areas is abnormal.

    Yonah and Robert Pogson the problem here is the ability is not supernatural or physic. Its a born skill.

    Qi Gong masters accept the ability as part of Qi of a person and developed a test to detect people with the ability. Yes just like a microwave the most powerful can boil water, Heat metal weapons to a point a person can no longer hold on to them and many other useful usages.

    Yonah and Robert Pogson the ability does not even Extraordinary title. There is thousands of years of records of the Masters of Qi Gong in china finding people with the ability.

    The Russian blood line more mischief usage history than marshal art. Russian line is from Russian gypsy and the ability was exposed by Qi Gong master along time ago because the Russian gypsy’s were using the ability to simulate supernatural for money.

    Gypsy Slightly heating a metal medallion on a table by waving hands over it and telling the person that the items where cold on the table before and that they are slightly warm now shows you are infused them with gypsy magic so pay up. And for a non believe allow the person to hold the object in mid air so it could not be heated by the table or anything under it. Qi Gong master demoed that he could do the same thing without gypsy magic.

    So this ability has not always been used for good. My blood line historically has used to to trick people. My blood line in most cases has not focused on doing the Max possible like the Qi Gong Master have. So we basically lose every competition to the Qi Gong for strength.

    The histories behind the two lines of the ability is highly interesting.

    Yonah yes my ancestors were guilty of supernatural fraud using an ability that a large percentage of people who are not gypsy or been around Qi Gong Masters don’t think it exists.

    Qi Gong uses aluminium and paper to make sensors to detect this ability. The Russian gypsy uses a multi metal based medallion detect this ability. These are completely different constructed sensors detecting the same thing. Yes just like the old game hot and cold. The closer the sensor gets to the person using the ability the hotter the object gets and cools off when you move away from them.

    Both groups have detectors for the ability both groups include rituals to detect children with the ability and to be able to test if they can be trained to control it then both use to proceed to exploit it. Nothing like having an ability that even some modern day people would believe as supernatural in your bag of tricks to win over public.

    Robert Pogson and Yonah. Not every trick a gypsy pull is fare play. Sometimes it using this less common ability in creative ways.

    Some of my blood line are not using the ability I have for good. You know places that install wireless security cameras that have robberies that just happen to line up with wireless camera failure. Police go search them for a wifi jammer and don’t find it. If you had a Qi Gong or Gypsy sensor and know how to push the person in questioning to trigger ability you will find the one that jammered it. Problem is proving it in a court of law.

    You can bet Robert Pogson and Yonah that the judge would be like you two. Thinking its impossible. Next problem is even if the person has the ability they did not have to use it. Yet find the one with the ability allows you to find the stolen goods.

    Gypsy using this ability for evil is still going on its just changed with the times. Instead of tricking people they have performed magic on items using it to get past some forms of modern-day security. It suits the ones using the ability to have the population believe it don’t exist.

    Lets just say I am not proud of some of my relations what they do with the ability they are given.

  3. kozmcrae says:

    Yonah wrote:

    “…after 15 years dealing with FOSS zealots, I’m a little bored. Like people preaching about the Second Coming,…”

    And all the other Cult of Microsoft trolls had the same thought, at the same time? Amazing. Call it any way you want. You are a bunch of untrustworthy liars with no personal integrity. When you decide to come back, if you do that is, I’ll be in attack mode. I’ll do all that I can to make life miserable for you here. As far as I’m concerned your posts are worthless. You recycle the same garbage day in and day out. It’s worse than spam.

    You can look at the discourse here since you’ve been gone. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

    Remember, Microsoft has committed crimes against humanity. As a member of the Cult of Microsoft you have done the same Yonah. Do you want to discuss that. Do you want to go at it! I’d be more than happy to.

  4. oiaohm wrote, “Guinness book of world records also has a record you can compete for if you have the ability. Its a induction heating current record is a induced temp from human to metal of 700 C+ in fact enough to ignite thin aluminium just like a microwave oven.”

    They don’t on the website. Similar searches for “induction”, and “fire” also fail. I even went through the list from Explore Extraordinary… and found nothing like it.

    So, maybe you should turn to writing fiction.

  5. oiaohm says:

    Yonah –supernatural wi-fi powers– Humans that interfere with Wifi is not supernatural. To be correct Guinness book of world records also has a record you can compete for if you have the ability. Its a induction heating current record is a induced temp from human to metal of 700 C+ in fact enough to ignite thin aluminium just like a microwave oven. In fact it is just like a microwave oven because the freqs are microwave. I am weak compare to what others can do. I can barely increase an object temp max I can get is 20 to 30 above room temp. Mine is not strong enough to be record breaking still strong enough to be operate as a signal jammer. You are talking a in the 10s to 100s of watts radio strength to be able to get the record.

    Shock horror right induction heating like some stove tops is a natural ability for some humans. Why they can do it is electromagnetic field generation. Lot of what is in fact in the 2.4 Ghz range. This ability is a recorded ability.

    Yonah you wanted something documented. In fact my wifi jamming ability is documented. Not my exact form but some of my blood relations as side effects to there abilities.

    Yonah you are very quick to say BS. This is just a case you have not done you homework. The jamming ability I talk about is natural. Percentage of people owning to a particular Russian blood line have it at different strength levels. What I have compare to my relations is not even impressive.

    Yonah about time you go away and find out what is and what is not supernatural. Jamming wifi is not super natural. There were reasons why the 2.4 Ghz freqs where left not used.

    Yonah the sad part here is yes I might have made one or two errors in information but you always say BS even if you have nothing to back it. I have told you my wifi ability is not supernatural or physic. Rare ability yes so far everyone with the ability who has had family tree done is related. Yes it would have been an important ability to survival at one point.

    Did you not think to check the record books for entries. My relations are in two of the common knowledge record books. Yet you suggest applying for 1 million dollars I could never get. Since the ability is classed the same as a electric eel.

    Because you know so little about the fact human that generator microwave class freqs you did not know Yonah that we have a world record we compete for. That a person like you Yonah cannot compete for because you don’t have the DNA. And a person like me can compete just cannot generate a strong enough signal to win.

    So really why were you tell me to go compete for 1 million dollars instead of go attempt to win the Guinness world record for the ability.

    Its funny lot of things you call BS Yonah are realities of this world.

  6. Yonah wrote, “after 15 years dealing with FOSS zealots, I’m a little bored”.

    It’s telling that he feels he has to “deal” with FOSS zealots. Why could he not have ignored us all along? Is it that he heard the footsteps or was it a rumble? Did the Earth shake?

    Unfortunately for Yonah’s system of beliefs the world has listened to FLOSS zealots and slowly but surely has responded to the message. Then few OEMs shipped GNU/Linux except to replace UNIX workstations. Now every major OEM and lots of minor ones ship GNU/Linux desktops and notebooks all over the world. Many millions of seats have migrated to GNU/Linux in education, government, business and organizations large and small in addition to millions of zealots. That has happened because FLOSS and GNU/Linux are the right ways to do IT. In addition Android/Linux is overtaking everything Apple and M$ have to offer.

    Yonah, no amount of criticism will stop the tide.

  7. Yonah says:

    Many of us, the ones you deem “trolls”, have lives that include work, recreational activities, sports, hobbies, family, friends, lovers, and other other aspects of life outside of engaging with FOSS extremists on a day to day basis. Sure, it’s entertaining at times, but personally speaking, after 15 years dealing with FOSS zealots, I’m a little bored. Like people preaching about the Second Coming, after awhile you realize they are better left to themselves.

    In the case of oiaohm, with his claims of supernatural wi-fi powers, videogame playing robots, and countless unproven anecdotes, the only way to trump a BS artist is not to play his game.

  8. pogson says:

    oiaohm wrote, “the events of the last 6 years have undone most of the troll arguments.”

    I’ve only been using GNU/Linux for the last 12 years but the trolls’ arguments have been unwinding at least that long. The first FUD I encountered was that GNU/Linux was hard to install… I have seen a few corner cases where extraordinary means were required but COTS stuff just loves GNU/Linux. In all the years in schools with several generations of random COTS stuff, I only once or twice had any problems and those were easily worked around by installing a new modem for instance. Hard? Nope. Then the greatest lie was that GNU/Linux cost more. Nope. Not even close. Munich is the only migration I know that made the race even close. I have done migrations that broke even on Day One. Folks who do thorough preparation find they break even in a few months or a few years and then the rest of eternity is gravy. Then there were the applications that were indispensable even though mankind got along fine without for millenia. No logical basis there, just short-sighted thinking.

  9. oiaohm says:

    This is a good one for the next time someone says giving stuff away for free cannot make money.

    Out of every bad event something good happens. Not that I support piracy. In fact I am completely against it. But as you can see its not black and white. The people who take FOSS for free provide free advertising to those who will pay for support.

    This is the problem the events of the last 6 years have undone most of the troll arguments.

    The more popular platform theory and viruses was broken with early android having more viruses than iphone that at the time had larger market share.

    The idea that giving something away for free cannot bring profit has been undone by many examples with the megaupload study being the most recent.

    The fact big migrations have worked. Keep on working. Yes to the insanity that you now have people looking at the munich pricing and see 20 pound per machine cost for software installation and cannot work out how this is possible. Its possible because they are using Linux and the thing does not need activation and host name can be provided by DNS server. So each machine just needs a few mins to start the install if it installs it messages you.

    The hard reality is Microsoft own copy protection makes the process expensive. A file gets damaged and activation fails. A KMS server fails and your complete network can be up the creek.

    I remember with XP where you had volume keys that activated windows without needing to talk to microsoft. These got pirated a lot. But for business this was very dependable and very low labour. Vista on you have activation failures on top of all your other maintenance problems.

    So a business on XP or before with a volume key. Might find that the only way to keep there maintenance level same or less is go Linux something. This might not be Linux Desktop. Might be android devices.

  10. oiaohm says:

    eebrah lot of the trolls like playing games. They don’t like it when a person lets them play themselves into a self made trap.

    The other problem is there lies are becoming more and more Swiss cheese. At this stage there is still some cheese there so they can appear somewhere near workable. But as the holes get larger.

    I can tell you they are still reading here. Eebrah the funny part about trolls is they have a bad habit of talking about what they are doing. The rally the troops move. This is why with oldman in the case of rally the troops I use that not to answer. When there rally point breaks so does there means to attack.

    I can tell you The Loser still at the site that cannot be named attempted to rally an attack just before over Roberts comment over thin clients keeping data off the lan. Yes the answer is simple if I only need to view 1 page of a document with a thin client only 1 page of that document is sent over the network. So breaking encryption you only get what users have been viewing with thin. With thick/fat the full document is transferred over the network.

    Basic common sense of thin/thick network operations tell you that roberts statement was true.

    The reality here is most of the trolls don’t have the technical knowledge to get the basics right.

    Reality the trolls are becoming very coward like. They don’t like a person like me.

    The point is I have followed trolls for long time once they cannot use 1 rally point they will move to another.

    Yes the Linux Hater’s Blog is back with a few new posts they have moved there to use it as another attack rally point. Yes they are still talking about you pogson.

    Yes they have tried attack they are now trying pretending to ignore. They have not accept that a percent of the population is Linux users and this is not going to change.

    Reality is what they talk about on Linux Hater’s Blog is fully off topic. Yes I do mean fully off topic. Same as what they did on comp.os.linux.advocacy before filters.

    The reality all there troll rally points tell us what games they are trying to play. They are trying to be passive to cause pogson to reduce his filters to let some of there better grade players back in.

  11. kozmcrae says:

    Robert Pogson wrote:

    “Traffic is down a bit but I don’t mind a bit because there’s less for me to do answering their tantrums.”

    Who needs the traffic if it’s just garbage? They just recite the same old lies day in and day out. It’s just recycled crap. Nobody needs that. You might just as well be posting spam.

  12. pogson says:

    eebrah wrote, “The trolls seem to be keeping their distance”.

    I think the trolls are trying to punish us with their absence… Traffic is down a bit but I don’t mind a bit because there’s less for me to do answering their tantrums. Traffic was also down because of a hurricane, Black Friday, an election, and a war… I expect the new year will be better than ever for traffic.

  13. kozmcrae says:

    eebrah wrote:

    “The trolls seem to be keeping their distance …. wonder what happened.”

    It’s like someone threw a switch, a light switch. Someone turned on the light and they all scurried away.

    I don’t really care why they are gone, I’m just glad they are not here. If they come back I will do all I can to make them unhappy here.

  14. eebrah says:

    The trolls seem to be keeping their distance …. wonder what happened.

    Good news on the Munich front, even though it is now ordinary everyday news

  15. kozmcrae says:

    Robert Pogson wrote:

    “Imagine this money rolling in forever, not just over the few years of the Limux project so far.”

    The question is, will Munich continue to count that savings?

    “Only stupid people would not see that GNU/Linux can do anything that other OS can and without the burden of the EULA, GNU/Linux can do more faster, and cheaper.”

    That is what it comes down to. The justification for using Microsoft is becoming more unrealistic as the months go by. The people making those justifications are looking more foolish. They are the jesters of IT.

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