Black Day for Wintel

There’s no good news on the horizon for Wintel:

“NPD DisplaySearch’s fourth quarter North American tablet shipment forecast is 21.5 million units, far exceeding the 14.6 million notebooks and mini-notes that are expected to ship in the same period. Starting in 2013 in North America, tablet shipments are expected to exceed notebook shipments on an annual basis for the first time; 80 million tablets versus 63.8 million notebooks. On a worldwide basis, tablet shipments aren’t expected to out-ship notebooks until 2015, when 275.9 million tablets are projected to ship, as compared to 270 million notebooks.”

see Black Friday: Catalyst for Tablets to Far Surpass Notebook Shipments in North America | DisplaySearch Blog.

OTOH, there’s no downside at all for */Linux and ARM, or for all of IT for that matter. The world can thrive even if Wintel does not. There’s no doubt Android/Linux on ARM is a roaring success on mobile and GNU/Linux is winning hugely on servers. The only question remaining is when will GNU/Linux have its place on all kinds of boxes in my local retailers? With Wintel sickly, there’s no reason left to keep propping Wintel up. Retailers may well be able to sell more GNU/Linux PCs than Wintel the way things are going. That’s what retailers are supposed to do, eh?

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3 Responses to Black Day for Wintel

  1. dougman says:

    Lets clarify further, Non M$ Tablets are taking over the world of IT

  2. kozmcrae says:

    Window 8 is a flop. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving company.

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