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M$ Sabotages UEFI “Secure Boot” for Linux Foundation

“the Microsoft sysdev people claim it was "improperly" signed and we have to wait for them to sort it out. I’ve pulled the binary apart, and I think the problem is that it’s not signed with a LF [Linux Foundation] … Continue reading

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Black Day for Wintel

There’s no good news on the horizon for Wintel: Sinofsky’s out, Otellini’s out, and Tablets are taking over the world of IT, if anything is left after smartphones have their share… and “8” is a flop. “NPD DisplaySearch’s fourth quarter … Continue reading

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Tranquilidade – Portuguese Insurance Company Switches to GNU/Linux and Saves

Wouldn’t you like the cost of IT to drop 80%? You can have that with GNU/Linux. It is a cooperative project of the world to provide IT at minimal cost and it works for you and not for some supplier … Continue reading

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Portugal Chooses Open Standards for IT.

“The Portuguese Government has published the National Digital Interoperability Regulation [2], which defines the list of open standards to be adopted in the Portuguese public administration. This framework brings to life the existing Law of Open Standards [1]. It is … Continue reading

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LinuxQuestions – Still Making the World a Better Place After All These Years

Years ago, when I was a GNU/Linux newbie, I found LinuxQuestions.org to be the site where I could find out just about anything about GNU/Linux in a rapidly growing on-line community. It’s still going strong so many years later. When … Continue reading

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