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Windows 8 A Nightmare But You Are Awake

“The worst gesture might be the one to reveal the list of currently running applications: you need to first swipe from the screen’s left edge, and then immediately reverse direction and do a small swipe the other way, and finally … Continue reading

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Linus Torvalds Cracks His Whip – udev breakages

“Lennart/Kai, fix the udev regression already. Lennart was the one who brought up kernel ABI regressions at some conference, and if you now you have the *gall* to break udev in an incompatible manner that requires basically impossible kernel changes … Continue reading

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Few Want to Buy and Few Want to Build “8” Tablets in UK

Windows 8 tablets are trickling into the UK channel but demand is still barely outstripping supply, distributors have reported. OEMs have taken a conservative attitude to their inventory position this Christmas, ignoring bullish calls from retailers and web shops for … Continue reading

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Smartphones The New PC in 2013

“Global smartphone shipments are expected to grow 30% to 865 million units in 2013, accounting for 43.9% of total handset shipments in the year, Digitimes Research has estimated.” see Digitimes Research: Global smartphone shipments to grow 30% in 2013. This … Continue reading

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