Ubuntu GNU/Linux PC Sales

Like it or not, Canonical has salesmen and they are getting the job done:

  • Dell now has 400 stores in China pushing Ubuntu GNU/Linux on PCs,
  • Ubuntu GNU/Linux has shipped on $7.5 billion worth of hardware in the last 2 years,
  • Dell, Lenovo, Asus and HP are all shipping Ubuntu GNU/Linux PCs,
  • In 2011, Ubuntu GNU/Linux shipped on more PCs than MacOS did in 2007 (7.05million in AAPL FY 2007), and
  • “Kenyon cited the German insurance company LVM Insurance, who have Ubuntu deployed on over 10,000 desktops; Consultancy firm CapGemini who are rolling Ubuntu out on 10,000 desktop in the next 2 years; Google, who have 10,000 Ubuntu-based desktops and laptops in use; and the Ministry of Defence in The Netherlands, who are using an Ubuntu-based client across a staggering 40,000 desktops.”

It pays to advertise and it pays to employ salesmen. Assuming Canonical continues on its upwards trend, they have long ago surpassed the mythical ~1% all by themselves and we should expect their market share to have reached critical mass by now. That is, they could well ship on 9% of PCs in 2014. Competition on price/performance is coming to many retail shelves these days. The world no longer assumes the most expensive PC is the best PC or, at least, the most relevant PC for many.

see Ubuntu PC Sales Skyrocket in 2011.

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13 Responses to Ubuntu GNU/Linux PC Sales

  1. oiaohm says:

    Notice the MS trolls. When the evidence that Ubuntu is selling it has to be formatted over with windows.

    Also they don’t check what version of Ubuntu is selling. Retention rate of ubuntu LTS does exist in business like Munich and others.

    Mind you the MS trolls need to wake up some of the devices selling in china with Ubuntu you cannot install Windows on no matter how hard you tried. Reason they are not x86. Yes there are arm and Loongson devices sold pre-installed Linux Desktop.

    kurkosdr so some sections devices with Linux desktop in china have 100 percent retention rate because they cannot run anything else.

  2. oiaohm says:

    kurkosdr the dell systems are installed with the Ubuntu LTS. So you don’t have that 6 month bleeding edge breakage problem.

    Ubuntu LTS does not show non LTS versions in upgrade notifications.

    kurkosdr you have never use LTS enough to notice the difference. An LTS install clean only shows when a new LTS is released. A development install clean shows every release.


    The release lock of LTS does confuse people. Like this one 12.04 the new LTS only become a release in LTS distributions eyes when it went .1. Until then a clean LTS install pretends it does not exist.

    The reality LTS does not show upgrades to non LTS.

    So LTS users don’t blow there feet off kurkosdr. In fact that LTS user base of Ubuntu is the growing one.

  3. kozmcrae says:

    kurkosdr dreams:

    “So, even if there are people buying Ubuntu laptops for Ubuntu, they will convert to Windows 7 Pirated Edition soon.”

    These are the people who just decided to leave XP.

    The Cult of Microsoft fabricate these cute little scenarios to counter the effects of all the bad news facing Microsoft day in and day out. It helps them get through the day. But it doesn’t help Microsoft survive the onslaught of FLOSS.

    Dream on kurkosdr. Soon that will be all that’s left of your beloved Empire of Microsoft, dreams.

  4. kurkosdr says:

    I pity the users who buy Ubuntu laptops for real, and not in order to avoid paying for the Windows OEM license and then wipe the harddrive and install Windows 7 Pirated Edition. Assuming of course that people who buy Ubuntu laptops for Ubuntu actually exist. Even if Ubuntu works for them during the first 6 months (and with user’s standard being so low today, it may actually work), after said 6 months, Canonical will push an upgrade that breaks the Intel http://tinyurl.com/8uj8xsc Nvidia, or AMD GPU (courtesy of X.org), and maybe the WiFi, so those people will install Windows 7 Pirated Edition the next day. This is the problem with Ubuntu. It has a pitifull retention rate. Whatever mindshare it gathers, it vanishes in 6 months when upgrades will break people’s computers.

    And don’t give me the “stay to the LTS” thing. If it shows up as an upgrade, people will install it. So, even if there are people buying Ubuntu laptops for Ubuntu, they will convert to Windows 7 Pirated Edition soon. You can thank the lack of care upstream shows when it comes to upgrades breaking stuff. And by upstream I mean all of them. For the Linux kernel guys (and their unstable ABI) breaking WiFi cards, to X.org breaking GPUs, to PulseAudio breaking the sound.

  5. oiaohm says:

    MK I do have a problem with Yonah.

    “Dell Huaqiangbei Experience Center” Does very common-ally display Linux forms of Dell products.

    HuaQiangBei is a fairly filled area maybe Yonah never found the Dell store there. Finding Ubuntu in a Dell store is not hard in china.

  6. MK says:

    I don’t think Yonah is a troll, unlike some of the other commenters that I won’t dignify by naming.

  7. Cool. I think that is likely to be the best of both worlds: small and cheap for mobility, and big and easy to use for desk-work. It solves all the problems with few of the disadvantages. Like the thin client, it will work for ~80% of users/uses.

  8. Yonah wrote, “I’ve yet to find Dell selling what you claim. If you locate the machines in question, please fill me in.”

    China is a large country. It is possible to hide 220 retail stores.

    The number keeps increasing. Eventually you will find one, Yonah. They are there, somewhere, unless you think all those snaps are “gimped”.

  9. Dougman wrote, “Yonah, the troll, attempts to lie about his physical location and wants people to think he is in China. LOL..”

    WordPress reports an IP address from China… So, unless Yonah has a proxy server in China, he likely is there.

  10. dougman says:

    Yonah, the troll, attempts to lie about his physical location and wants people to think he is in China. LOL..

    Canonical and Dell are teaming up to sell computers with Ubuntu preinstalled at stores in China. The program, which could help improve the mainstream visibility of the Linux-based operating system, will span 220 retail locations.

    According to a statement that Canonical posted on its official blog, the products will be set up with marketing materials that tout the virtues of the Ubuntu platform. Retail staff will also be trained to explain the products to consumers.



    In other news, Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows and Windows Live Division, is leaving Microsoft effective immediately. The move is claimed to be a result of growing discontent within the software giant, with a number of executives reportedly unhappy when working with him due to his failure to be a “team player.” Such a move has striking parallels with Scott Forstall’s recent exit from Apple.


    Seems M$ Surface Return IT, not modestly selling well?

  11. Yonah says:

    I’m in Shenzhen and I’m less than an hour from HuaQiangBei where a majority of the computer stores are located. I’ve yet to find Dell selling what you claim. If you locate the machines in question, please fill me in.

  12. MK says:

    I only hope Dell does a better job in India and China then it did in the USA.

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