Aakash 2, $US25 Android Tablet in India

“Indian president Pranab Mukherjee launched the tablet, highlighting the importance the government is attaching to the ambitious IT project which aims to put computing devices in the hands of hundreds of millions of students over the coming five years.”

see India gets $US25 Android tablet • The Register.

That kind of price is much more affordable by Indian students and will go far to bridge the Digital Divide. It would be impossible paying retail prices for that other OS. The Wintel monopoly is about to lose $billions in India alone over one project. The global effect of Android/Linux on ARM is huge.

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  1. Latest Aakash tablet unveiled on 11 November, which is regarded as India’s National Education Day. Aakash 2 is packed with a longer battery life as well as is faster than its predecessors. The gadget will boost a price tag of Rs. 2,263.

  2. kozmcrae says:

    Robert Pogson wrote:

    “The global effect of Android/Linux on ARM is huge.”

    The potential is orders of magnitude bigger than Wintel. The Wintel era will be looked upon as just a dead end fork in the road of progress. Soon it will be just a footnote in history. The World will move on.

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