Everybody Loves Small Cheap Computers

“According to IHS iSuppli Compute Platforms Topical Report, lower-end computers classified in either the "mainstream" category or the "value" the mainstream desktop PCs is expected to account for 46.9% of the market each by the year-end, while the top-end PCs will account for only 6%.”

see Low end desktops and PCs dominate the market: report – Computer Business Review.

I have been writing much the same thing despite trolls spamming my blog with tales that high-end PCs are the way to go and that everyone should have one. It’s not true and here are the stats to prove it: only 6% choose high-end PCs. For everyone else ordinary PCs in almost any format are good enough. That’s what Moore’s Law does in the end, makes RAM and CPU inexpensive. You only need enough CPU and RAM to be expensive if you are crunching large data, which most of us do not. Hence the rise of the smart thingies, the ultimate small cheap computers that fit in your pocket of hand and do everything a desktop of a few years ago would do for ~$100, and it runs on a tiny battery… no more cables dangling… That’s price/performance, what people really care about. And the OS? */Linux of course. You don’t get any lower price/performance than $0/gHz-gB.

see also Mainstream and Value PCs Rule Over High-End Performance Models

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

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  2. dougman says:

    From Wikipedia:

    M$ Surface Return IT (RT)

    – A tablet with no apps, no GPS, no 3G, no LTE, no NFC, no HD screen, old Tegra 3 SoC….all for the low price of $800 !!

  3. oiaohm says:

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  4. dougman says:

    Yonah, I upgraded my hardware and software since that last post, you figure it out.

    Regarding my website, what does that have to do with small and cheap computers?

    Do realize, that I get all sorts of people emailing me and calling me about how I should do this or I should be doing that, but you know what? It doesn’t matter, the layout and format I setup brings in enough side-work to keep me busy in the evenings and weekends. Yes, I may not update it as much as I once did in the past, but for awhile I was cranking out four posts a day from 5-7AM BEFORE my normal day job. Where is your salient website and blog??

    Yonah, the troll is just chock-filled of nonsense and reminds me of ‘Clarence Moon’ repeatedly asking for nonsensical material things that has nothing to do with the post topic..

  5. Yonah says:

    Oiaohm, I’m not going waste time with your NEW nonsense until you validate the OLD nonsense. Link referencing the use of KHTML code being used in Opera, please. I’ve ask for it repeatedly. Since you are unable to supply proof of your claim, a logical person must assume you are either lying and/or grossly misinformed.

    Don’t waste your time here concocting yet another wall of GNU/Defense filled with claims only you really believe. Rather, contact James Randi and prove your supernatural WI-FI abilities to him and net yourself a cool $1 Million USD!

  6. Yonah says:

    Doogie, I recalled the wrong number, but here you claimed it was 7 seconds: http://mrpogson.com/2012/10/12/thinking-inside-the-box/#comments

    Read my post again. Judging by the incorrect aspect ratio of the header on your website, I think you have a problem with your eyes. I didn’t say nor did I imply that GIMP was bloated. My point was that your dated hardware and ignorance makes you poorly suited to determine what is or is not bloated. The rest of your post was glop.

  7. oiaohm says:

    The review dougman found mentions other hardware design errors. Like buttons next to where you insert devices. This cannot be fixed by Windows Update. That is a major cause of trouble. Something you use to find in first generation laptops.

    If the Surface pro is the same its going to be a problem. Don’t MS designers look at this historic failures?? Some locations are historically off limits to place controls. Basic rule of sane design

    Arm performs differently to x86. Really wait for arm 64 bit chips if you can.

  8. kozmcrae says:

    dougman reported:

    “M$ will release six security patches, four of them considered ‘critical’ for Windows 8, and Surface-ready Windows RT operating systems.”

    And round and round it goes. People pay for a broken operating system.

  9. dougman says:

    Yonah, the troll, deflects the subject and injects himself into the discussion, this vain attempt is all about getting people to stop talking badly about M$ and Windows.

    He mentions GIMP being bloated, but is readily aware that Windows is bloated so badly, that his refusal is in fact his admission.

    BTW: GIMP loaded for me in 4-5 seconds.

    M$ Surface Return IT (RT) is very slow, in fact it cannot keep up with someone typing!



    Here is a fair review of M$ Surface Return IT, in fact he also made a video of him returning it as it is no iPad or Android killer. LOL…


    Even with M$ Surface Return IT (RT) being marketed with billions of dollars it will still be an unwanted device. Why? Ipad and Android devices already own the market, if they cannot produce a viable phone in the past, what makes you think they can make a viable tablet today?

    Ballmer stated “We will do more marketing and better marketing for Windows 8 systems, for Windows Phones, and for Surfaces. You will see our best work, and you will not be able to pick up a magazine, go to the internet, or turn on a television set without seeing one of our ads, really quite frequently.” All the while, the world points and laughs. I wonder how much M$ paid her, I think she needs the money. OWN network is going off air soon.

    If you bought Windows 8 or Return IT (RT), you have some patches forthcoming this week. M$ will release six security patches, four of them considered ‘critical’ for Windows 8, and Surface-ready Windows RT operating systems.

  10. kozmcrae says:

    Yonah wrote:

    “Dougman, aren’t you the guy with the computer that takes a whopping 9 seconds to load GIMP?”

    Yonah, speaking of bloat, what’s the lines of code count up to now for Microsoft’s OS?

  11. oiaohm says:

    History of dockable keyboards is littered with many failures. There were many different models for the palm devices all the first one of those also had nasty defects.

    Yonah 16 G of storage is larger than you average Linux users full distribution installs.

    Really the big problem here is the Windows recovery tools occupy another 5GB. Microsoft is treating tablets the same as desktop machines with huge storage.

    Recovery image should not be in the device or should be like on the sd card you can insert.

    You have 32G of in device storage you want as the most of it in applications to use and data storage. What ever not in that cat to be restored from a desktop or like the sd card.

    Android tablet the restore image is not in the device. So I can say MS has two defects so far with surface. Incorrect recovery design and keyboard from hell(but this was kinda expected).

    Even the first generator Asus split tablet keyboard had issues.

    No matter how well you design something its like all battle plans. Until its really in the market you don’t know of you have it right or not.

    Some people were idiots you don’t want to buy first releases of items where able.

  12. oiaohm says:

    Yonah in the case of Gimp there is a start up bloat problem. How to fix it is not a simple one.

    Gimp is worse on windows because of its multi process design.

    Really gimp can be a toxic weapon if you don’t start it without –no-data at times. Why because it loads all brushes textures….. into memory by default. Lets say you have 4G of ram limit on a 32bit system and 4 G of textures for some reason things are not going to turn out good not enough space to memory map. Does not care if you are planing on using them.

    There are a lot of things about gimp that are loaded on start up by default that can be safely delayed resulting in less memory pain.

    –My grandmother has never used a computer nor expressed any desire to own one. So, not EVERYBODY loves small, cheap computers as your headline claims.–
    Does she use a smart phone or equal… Cheap computer does not have to equal something like a PC.

    You don’t use a small calculator purse size calculator to do scientific mathematics.

    Small Cheap computers come in many forms targeting many markets.

  13. Yonah says:

    Dougman, aren’t you the guy with the computer that takes a whopping 9 seconds to load GIMP? I suspect anything that loads slow on your rig could be incorrectly classified as “bloated” when in fact your hardware is lacking.

  14. Yonah says:

    My grandmother has never used a computer nor expressed any desire to own one. So, not EVERYBODY loves small, cheap computers as your headline claims.

  15. dougman says:

    Yes, everyone loves affordable computers and M$ is never affordable. Just check out the prices they are asking.



    Looking at the current prices for M$ Surface RT, $500 for only 16GB?

    According to a FAQ published Monday, a 32GB Surface has approximately 16GB of storage space available after accounting for the Windows RT operating device, numerous built-in “Windows Store” (formerly “Metro”) apps, OS recovery tools, and the bundled Office RT.

    The operating system, apps and Office RT consume 8GB, while the Windows recovery tools occupy another 5GB. In other words, about 45% of the storage in an entry-level Surface RT has already been spoken for before the tablet is unboxed.

    Repeat after me, BLOAT!


    Save some money and get two Chromebooks for $500.


    In addition to the above, M$ Surface RT devices are already breaking and failing users. Seems they got suckered and bought marked-up junk.



  16. oldman says:

    About what Mr. K.

    Did you notice anything about the topic?

    Like I said before, You may as well declare victory and move on…

  17. kozmcrae says:

    Like I said, they can’t help themselves.

  18. oldman says:

    Its nice to want…

  19. kozmcrae says:

    Robert Pogson wrote:

    “And the OS? */Linux of course.”

    That can be parsed out: Android/Linux, Gentoo/Linux and *buntu/Linux.

    I’m baiting here. They can’t help themselves.

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