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Video-editing Freed from M$

One of the places touted as a selling-point for that other OS is video-editing. There are a bunch of less than stellar video-editors in GNU/Linux. Now LightWorksTM, a professional-quality video-editor is being ported to GNU/Linux. The reason? Lightworks will not … Continue reading

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And the Best-selling Desktop Computers at Walmart.com Are…

I kid you not. Weeks after the introduction of “8”, “7” is still the best-selling OS on Wintel PCs at Walmart. Oh there is an XP-refurbished machine and and a few “7” with “upgrade option to 8” but the first … Continue reading

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The Second American Uncivil War

I am interested in politics and have been watching the current election campaign in the USA with amazement. Scarcely any method of self-promotion or sabotage of other campaigns is missing: Urging voters to turn up a day late, scare-tactics, intimidation … Continue reading

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Already-Impressive Performance of Lithium Ion Cells Dramatically Increased

“The team led by Rice engineer Sibani Lisa Biswal and research scientist Madhuri Thakur reported in Nature’s open access journal Scientific Reports on the creation of a silicon-based anode, the negative electrode of a battery, that easily achieves 600 charge-discharge cycles at … Continue reading

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Australian Fire-Fighters Get Chromeboxes

“We thought ‘do we really need a PC for only a single web application?’ He said PCs were expensive and had many moving parts which weren’t ideal for dusty and dirty fire stations. "We looked around and the Chromebox was … Continue reading

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