Apple Needs to Learn Humility

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) was criticized by U.K. judges in a patent lawsuit with Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) for posting a notice on its website that was “untrue” and “incorrect.”

The U.K. Court of Appeal in London ordered Apple to remove the statement within 24 hours and place a new notice acknowledging the inaccurate comments. The Cupertino, California-based company was told by the same court last month to post the initial notice as part of a ruling that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets didn’t copy the design of Apple’s iPad.”


What were they thinking? It’s obvious the editing of the apology would be unacceptable and criticising the court in the apology was not exactly what the court requested… so now they have a few hours to get it right or face more creative punishments by the court. I expect the court will not be nearly so lenient if Apple repeats this ill-advised adventure. The reality-distortion field around Apple is dangerous. It seems to have affected the operators of the weapon more than the targets. I expect someone could sit in jail next time.

Further, it is interesting to note that one of Apple’s lawyers argued they needed two weeks to tweak their website. Anyone with a FaceBook page knows that’s false. What were they thinking? How much bad PR does Apple want to get out of this legal tantrum?

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  1. dougman says:

    Apple is a scoff-law that performs the minimum amount of work to get by.

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