Years ago I advocated AMD CPUs as a less-expensive alternative to Intel monopolistic pricing. When they completely ignored the netbook I began to ignore them. Perhaps they noticed because now they have an ARMed CPU on the horizion:

“Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is to release its first ARM-based chip in 2014.

AMD added that it was also considering making ARM-based chips for consumer-targeted computers, but no decision had been made as yet.”

via AMD in chip tie-up with UK's ARM.

This may be too little and too late but it shows that even thick-headed people can see the light. People want less power-consumption and they want cheaper/smaller computers everywhere, not just in smartphones.

I still am incredulous that they think it will take until 2014 to do what a dozen other companies have done years ago, produce an ARMed CPU. ARM has done most of the work. They mostly have to do packaging in which task they have a lot of expertise. Perhaps it will take that long to get servers running ARM in volume but the small cheap computer is here now. I wonder if Intel will get the message.


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3 Responses to AMD ARMed

  1. oiaohm says:

    Really I would love if AMD would do a Huge Big Little chip. A true full split personalities chip.

    Huge-Big-Little chip refering to a chip that is X86 cores + Arm big cores + Arm Little cores in one dia.

    Linux has moved past the Idea of all cpus in a computer being the same.

    Intel has produced arm chips for years. Problem here is Intel does not want the fall of the x86 since this would open up the field.

  2. harry says:

    I use AMD 64bits and have always been happy with AMD.
    Their failure to adapt to new paradigms was puzzling when they missed the netbook,etc> boat but 2014 is their ETA for the ARMed CPU?

    Puzzling is when you miss the boat once, stunning incompetence is when you do it twice in a row.

  3. Agent_Smith says:

    Well, AMD arrived late to the race. But they have expertise (ATI video cards and Fusion SoC x86).
    So, they are able to pull this off.
    I just hope they hurry up, or else, their efforts will be in vain.

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