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Portuguese Government Wasting Money on non-Free Software

“Ansol specifically condemns the Banc of Portugal, two municipalities and two universities, of "macroscopic illegal procurement procedures". These public administrations recently published requests for specific brands and products, Ansol points out. "This is explicitly forbidden and prevents competition. These contests … Continue reading

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Debian’s Here, There and Everywhere (almost)

The locations of mirrors of repositories of Debian GNU/Linux on the web are plotted in this map by Raphael Geissert This shows the densely populated regions of Earth are accepting Debian GNU/Linux quite well but there are still challenges. Sparsely … Continue reading

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OS-bloat Through the Ages

iSuppli has a cute article tracking the effect of each new release of M$’s OS on DRAM volume. They reveal that “8” has had the least impact of any release all the way back to Lose 3.1. They suggest it’s … Continue reading

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What The Heck?

I have long watched the huge share that GNU/Linux has at Sunnyvale, CA, according to NetApplications but today I spotted this at Redmond, WA, home of M$… What the Heck? Is M$ reverting a bunch of machines to XP? Why? … Continue reading

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