The Windows You Love is Gone

Trying to make sense of “8”, especially on ARM? Good luck.

“Do not be surprised if Microsoft intends to remove the cancer it considers its legacy.”

see The Windows You Love is Gone | PC Perspective.

So, in TFA, the authour describes M$’s escape from the corner it tried to paint the world into. It just cannot work. M$ has told so many lies for so many decades that all come home to roost. If Lose ’95, XP and “7” were all so wonderful, why is there even a need for “8”? Oh, yes, the licensing fees…

If M$ just produced products like a normal business, it could release multiple products and allow the market to direct their paths. Instead, they have believed their lie, that they are the trend-setter/supreme dictator and tried to make multiple products seem as one plague on mankind. It won’t wash any more than the “IE cannot be removed from Lose ’95” lie or the “blame the user” game. In the process, M$ seems to be its own worst enemy, doing $billions in harm to their bottom line without any competitor lifting a finger. They were selling “7” because that’s all there was on some retail shelves but no one needs “8” and retailers may actually sell GNU/Linux instead of “7”. How cool is that?

Consumers who bought Vista or “7” believing what they were told are justified in thinking “8” is unnecessary. After all their current hardware idles all the time and it’s choked with RAM and storage. What could anyone possibly want from “8”? A new PC? Nope. They might buy a tablet this year however it won’t be running that other OS because all their friends don’t have that.

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4 Responses to The Windows You Love is Gone

  1. oe says:

    Soon they want this robot/brown circle/pudgy penguin thingie on their desktops…..

  2. Cute: “Windows 8 will likely dis-enfranchise millions from the Microsoft treadmill of desktop dominance updates of the past two decades.”

    Amen! Thanks, Steve! Vista was a toe-in-the-door when millions got to see GNU/Linux work for them on Vista-incapable hardware. Now we have “8” which is so lame, people will ask, “Where are the windows?”. 2012 has been an interesting year: we had a serious drought but the garden pulled through, GNU/Linux and FLOSS became more popular in European governments, Dell is shipping Ubuntu GNU/Linux again, as are all major OEMs and now M$ is telling people XP and “7” are obsolete junk. Chuckle. People who buy new will buy an ARMed tablet with Android/linux or a smartphone with Android/Linux or a PC with GNU/Linux and a more familiar interface…

  3. dougman says:

    I was in Bestbuy yesterday, saw no lines or mobs of people at the doors, the atmosphere was basically ho-hum.

    Played with “8” for a few minutes and considered it the most confusing GUI that I have ever used, this will not bode well for M$ at all.

    Even IE was confusing to use, I can see people seriously disliking the interface in short order and M$ will just blame noob users like always.1

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