Southern India Overtaken By GNU/Linux Desktops

Around 2007, GNU/Linux began to be a viable option on the desktop for Indians. According to Google Trends, the storm began in Maharashtra and spread to neighbouring states:

Maharashtra contains Mumbai the tech centre of India and represents 15% of India’s industry and 40% of GDP. Population is 112million. The recent hotspot is the state of Tamil Nadu, home of ELCOT which has purchased hundreds of thousands of GNU/Linux PCs for students. Tamil Nadu has a population of 72 million. The region where this flourishing of GNU/Linux desktops exists has a combined population of more than 300million people.
According to NetApplications, this region has 1.76% share going to GNU/Linux, well above the global average.

This shows why it is so important to have sites about GNU/Linux running so that ordinary people can hear about an operating system like GNU/Linux and find it on the web with Google or other search engine.

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