Another Small Victory for Openness in Public Procurement of IT

“The Council of the Polish Region of Lower Silesia corrected its procurement specification following complaints from a civil IT procurement watchdog. In the updated request, published in September, the council no longer asks for a specific proprietary brand of operating system and ditto office suite.”

see Polish Lower Silesia Region corrects procurement following complaint | Joinup.

Chuckle. The days when “PC” meant getting something with that other OS are fading. We are witnessing the end of monopoly. We are witnessing the end of bundling M$’s OS with OEM production. Every small victory is another message to the supply-chain that they will have to compete at every level. There is no free ride for M$’s OS nor its office suite.

If only there was a mechanism to do this in the retail space… There is. Anti-competition and consumer-protection laws are supposed to prevent excluding competition from retail shelves. Governments, do your jobs.

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