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M$, the Monopolist, Panics, Budgets $billions on Advertising “8”

“the company is apparently all set to kick off a marketing campaign over this weekend. The company has worked with the ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky in creating ads for the OS which will then be aired on a … Continue reading

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Apple vs. Google – Fight for Freedom

“This “smartphone showdown” is important because Apple and Google are advancing radically different business models to the fight. This is bigger than just a commercial clash between two tech titans. It’s a war between two fundamentally different visions for the future of computing, described … Continue reading

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Thinking Inside the Box

“The balance of evidence is tilted towards stupidity. Every year that same government pays very, very large sums of taxpayer’s money to another American multinational, Microsoft Corporation. The money goes to buy software products, software licences and software support services. … Continue reading

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Romanian Government Department – 7 Years Using GNU/Linux And Loving It

“We chose Linux and other open source solutions because we wanted trouble-free workstations.” see Romanian animal monitoring program proves open source's reliability | Joinup. They use Linux Mint on client machines and they also have a rugged database server with … Continue reading

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