Property Values and GNU/Linux

Sometimes NetApplications really ticks me off…

NetApplications allows one to dig down to the level of “average property values” and share of GNU/Linux. Here’s what I found in USA:

Average Property Value (owner occupied) Share for greater value
$100K 2.67%
$150K 3.06%
$200K 3.65%
$250K 4.39%
$300K 5.28%
$350K 6.47%
$400K 1.15%
$450K 1.3%
$500K 1.38%
$550K 1.54%
$600K 1.74%
$650K 2.05%
$700K 2.13%
$750K 1.61%

The above should clearly document several trends in the data. The GNU/Linux share increases with average property values. That could mean usage correlates with education or wealth, perhaps. I have no idea why there is a sharp drop from $350K to $400K. Is that the region where folks suddenly choose Macs? Do big houses suddenly need routers that hide GNU/Linux? Do big houses suddenly need that other OS in every room? Inquiring minds want to know.

BTW the median house price in USA is about $188K.

I think it is safe to say that use of GNU/Linux in USA is well over 1.1% NetApplications reports for September. What are they trying to hide?

Oh, one more thing. They report for less than $400K 3.03% and for less than $100K 0.57%, so, it’s the poor who cannot afford GNU/Linux that are the problem… Wait! GNU/Linux costs $0. My head hurts.

UPDATE Trying to understand the data, I subtracted adjacent values to find the “share per $50K bin”. It’s shows a negative value for share around $350K. What’s that? A witch’s cauldron imported from M$? The data must be faked somehow. Maybe it’s just an error apportioning IP address to postal code.

Want to see something weird? For USA/California, the same thing happens at $350K: >$350K 16.11% or < $350K 0.52% >$50K 16.11%. <$50K 0.75% See? It doesn't add up. NetApplications is broken.

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