News From All Over

  • NHL Hockey lock-out. Not that I watch hockey but I am Canadian and many Canadians do. If a new league is going to start, we should consider Bikini Hockey. I might resume watching something other than violence.
  • Taliban, Murdering bastards, tried to kill an outspoken 14 year old blogger as she returned from school. Pakistan is outraged. I think they should issue the women Kalashnikovs if the men won’t defend their children.
  • The scandal of corruption in the province of Quebec continues to grow. I think Quebec, which prides itself on being “different”, has tolerated cozy relationships far too long. I still remember the price of concrete rising dramatically in the 1970s when the big olympic stadium was built. Of course it had to be elegant, with every pillar a one-off design. Later it disintegrated causing great additional cost and danger to life.
  • XL Foods, the company that tried to kill us all with tainted meat now asks for its licence to be restored. Who would want to eat meat from that plant? I will ask any store whether their meat comes from XL. I think the feds should rethink any idea of skimping on inspections of meat. This thing could have been really bad instead of just costing $millions for wasted meat, recalls and worry, it could have killed hundreds. That the US inspectors caught it first is a major embarrassment for Canada.
  • In spite of all the bad news there is some good news, too. “The European economy is saving around 114 billion euro per year by using open source software solutions. Apart from direct costs savings, other benefits of open source result in reduced project failure and lower costs for code maintenance. Reinvestment of these savings leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency worth at least 342 billion euro a year, according to estimates published by open source researcher Carlo Daffara. “Decidedly not a marginal contribution to the European economy.””
    114 million of anything is a lot but then there are the benefits to using FLOSS besides efficiency, like having local control of IT, interoperability, and open standards. Imagine how much they could save by eliminating the trojan, M$, everywhere.

Well. It’s another interesting week. I harvested my sunflowers yesterday. Today I have to hack down those “Russian Giants” with my Swede Saw… and resume welding for my greenhouse before winter buries it.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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