USA Congress Demands USA Become a Tech Back-water

“A year-long investigation by a U.S. congressional committee has reportedly concluded that Chinese telecommunication equipment vendors Huawei Technologies and ZTE pose a security threat to the nation, and the committee is advising U.S. firms to buy networking gear from other vendors. But analysts say the committee’s investigation is motivated more by politics, while doing little to safeguard U.S. telecommunication networks.”

see Politics, not security, at center of Huawei, ZTE allegations, say analysts.

Chuckle. The idiots behind the report do not seem to realize that most IT is manufactured in China these days. Do they want to boycott all the OEMs as well? Why not? Take the USA back to the Stone Age. They would do everyone a favour by demanding a boycott of M$’s stuff. Where do they think all that malware feels at home?

see also Huawei: House Intelligence Committee report is ‘not fact-based’

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  1. Ivan says:

    From the man that supports dictators and war profiteers because they use open source software.

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