More Evidence of a Decline in Wintel – Malware Protection Racket Slowing

We all know rats try to flee a sinking ship. Some rats even push others over the side… That’s what’s happening now in the Wintel ecosystem. “Partners” of M$ are cutting staff in a big way.

“With interest in traditional personal computers waning worldwide, software firms that offer desktop protection against malware are suffering. Rival Symantec is already in the middle of one of those "strategic reviews"”

see 'Small' upheaval at McAfee, not many fired • The Register.

UPDATE In related news, TSMC, Taiwan’s big fab has 30% per annum growth while Intel is just about flat… Wintel is taking hits on hardware and software. TSMC does have some production go into Wintel but a lot goes into the ARMed ecosystem and */Linux.

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One Response to More Evidence of a Decline in Wintel – Malware Protection Racket Slowing

  1. dougman says:

    Why Malware?…LINUX

    McAfee, Nortons, Sophos are all notorious for slowing down a users PC and on top of that, they have been known to give out false positives, misidentifying authentic M$ files as being virus prone, in effect crashing said computer.

    Talk about a LOSE-LOSE situation. I only stand behind two products HitManPro and ESET Nod32. 🙂

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