M$ as Cyber Criminals

M$ has been damaging the web demanding perfectly innocent web sites be blocked by search engines. It’s time the world blocked M$.

“Claiming to prevent the unauthorized distribution of Windows 8 Beta the software company listed 65 “infringing” web pages. However, nearly half of the URLs that Google was asked to remove from its search results have nothing to do with Windows 8.”

see Microsoft DMCA Notice ‘Mistakenly’ Targets BBC, Techcrunch, Wikipedia and U.S. Govt | TorrentFreak.

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One Response to M$ as Cyber Criminals

  1. dougman says:

    Cant sue, or file a class action law suit against M$, due to the EULA.

    Windows 7 malware infection rates balloon 182% in 2012. Microsoft blamed several factors for the boost in successful malware attacks, including less savvy users.

    “This may be caused in part by increasing acceptance and usage of the newest consumer version of Windows,” said Microsoft in its latest Security Intelligence Report. “Early adopters are often technology enthusiasts who have a higher level of technical expertise than the mainstream computing population. As the Windows 7 install base has grown, new users are likely to possess a lower degree of security awareness than the early adopters and be less aware of safe online practices.”

    They claim each release is the “safest” ever, but when you run across these tidbits, they ultimately blame the users, even when its the lack of security in Windows OS that is the true culprit.

    Just blame everything on the users. Imagine Ford coming out and saying: “Well our trucks are the safest we ever built, but since so many people drive and crash them, the rating went down.”

    If I take this a step further, I suppose M$ will blame Sinofsky for the METROFAIL tablet doing what it does best. 🙂


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