Not All Small Cheap Computers are Loved

“No one wants laptop-style keyboard accessories for their phones. Or, rather, no one wants Motorola Mobility’s version. The Google-owned handset maker last week admitted it had canned the product.”

via Motorola whacks laptop-like phone dock • Reg Hardware.

That’s too bad. It was a great idea. I suspect the real reason was price/performance. They charged an arm and a leg for the unit. Cheap computers need a low price to sell. Some OEMs don’t get that. If they don’t know how to design cheap computers they should ask some Chinese or school-kids or something. They are much more creative than Apple. OEMs don’t need to copy Apple’s mistakes.

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3 Responses to Not All Small Cheap Computers are Loved

  1. Yes, it’s an interesting form-factor. I expect eventually something like BlueTooth will tie it all together so no plugging (wear, prone to failure/dirt) is required. There just are fewer limits to what can be done when EULAs and the machinations of monopolists are not involved.

  2. Alex says:

    Well check this out: apparently the lapdock has dropped in price to <100$.

    The article below explains how to attach an ARM stick to the lapdock. On the negative side there's cables sticking out, but on the plus side is that one can replace the stick for a quad-core A15 in a few years and not have to replace the shell. I ordered one today from e-bay. It's going to be fun :))

  3. oiaohm says:

    Anyone who has used a asus padphone next to the motorola knows why.

    It was a good idea by Motorola but the problem is the phone is not physically locked in in the Motorola design. The padphone has a physical door that closes that holds phone in place.

    You don’t want a dock that if you get up quickly your phone ends up bouncing across the floor.

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