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2013 Will not Be The Year of M$

“Simple arithmetic shows that unless Microsoft manages to make a dent in the smartphone and tablet market, it’s pretty much the end of its dominance” via Editorial: Will 2013 be the year of… Microsoft? | Netrunner Magazine. I found this insightful … Continue reading

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Not All Small Cheap Computers are Loved

“No one wants laptop-style keyboard accessories for their phones. Or, rather, no one wants Motorola Mobility’s version. The Google-owned handset maker last week admitted it had canned the product.” via Motorola whacks laptop-like phone dock • Reg Hardware. That’s too … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Adoption Grows in California

I originally wrote this as a comment but I think it’s worth a post. I reported that Distrowatch saw a sharp increase in activity for the popular distros and was replying to a comment. =========================================== NetApplications is seeing something similar: … Continue reading

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NHS Scotland Celebrates Being Overcharged £5m Instead of £6m

NHS Scotland is suspected of encouraging FLOSS suppliers just to get a discount from M$. That’s very short-sighted. £1m a year forever is an infinite sum… Windows 7 overruns NHS Scotland • The Channel.

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Hugo Chavez Wins With Reduced Majority in Venezuela

“Mr Chavez won 54% of the vote, the electoral council announced, with turnout at about 81%.” via BBC News – Hugo Chavez celebrates re-election in Venezuela. Venezuela is one of the South American countries with a pro-FLOSS government policy. In … Continue reading

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