Pew: US Slump in iPad Share

“A 1000-odd user survey recently carried out the US statistics gatherer the Pew Research Centre and The Economist which focused on US tablet ownership during the three weeks from 16 July found that Apple’s share of the market in the States had fallen from 81 per cent in the year-ago period to 52 per cent.”

see US data show slump in Apple tablet share • Reg Hardware.

Android/Linux had momentum like this a year ago but then stalled. We shall see whether 2012 is different. If Christmas reveals ascendance of Android/Linux in tablets, the market for IT will be forever changed. The only remaining battle-ground will remain the desktop where GNU/Linux has been slowly taking ground. */Linux still has a way to go on desktops and notebooks but few are laughing any longer. The ones with axes to grind are fighting hard to preserve Wintel’s favourite cash-cow.

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  1. dougman says:

    Its good to see competition, this is why Apple prefers to fight with patent suits then innovate above and beyond the industry. After Apple runs out of steam left from Jobs, where will they be in ten-years?

    Some people will say, “Android will never take over iOS or own the market” However, in reality, what they fail to realize is the IT industry is changing at a phenomenal rate. Smart Phones and Tablets have reached 50% market penetration in the US and will have HDTV screen quality soon.

    Apple’s mapping blunder, along with patent suit’s may come back to bite them and make some people consider Android for the first time, which will boost penetration further. I personally know a few first adopters of iOS when it came out and now they are Android users, so that’s something to consider.

    So where does this leave M$ and METROFAIL??

    M$ with its over-priced tablets and unwanted phoney phones are not what people want. In time M$ will become irrelevant and like Robert and I have stated before, M$ will probably come out with their own Linux distribution based on SUSE and call it the latest and greatest thing.

    Another thing to ponder, is the future of the job market for the planet. As new technology comes online, it will become easier to start replacing existing jobs.

    The one thing in the video that made sense was replacing truck and cab drivers with Google automated vehicles.

    BTW: Here is some salient news.

    Google Inc. showed a positive momentum as it has exceeded M$ to turn into the world’s second-biggest technology firm as computing over the Internet cuts demand for software installed on desktop machines.

    Google controls 66% of the U.S. search market, whereas Microsoft is a paltry 16%

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