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Flashback from Saudi Arabia – religious police

It has been a long time since I felt fear/loathing of the Saudi “mottawa”, but here it is in the headlines of the BBC: “The head of Saudi Arabia’s notorious religious police has told the media he will curb his … Continue reading

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Pew: US Slump in iPad Share

“A 1000-odd user survey recently carried out the US statistics gatherer the Pew Research Centre and The Economist which focused on US tablet ownership during the three weeks from 16 July found that Apple’s share of the market in the … Continue reading

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The Legal “Soap Opera” of Apple v Samsung Continues – Juror Misconduct

“Were you wondering how Samsung found out about the lawsuit that Hogan failed to mention in voir dire, the litigation between Seagate and Hogan that Samsung dug up? Apple was, as I’ll show you. You wouldn’t believe it if it … Continue reading

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Gartner report throws cold water on uber-hyped OpenStack project

After slagging OpenStack for “Hype around open-source CMPs (cloud management platforms) is causing some customers to make unfounded assumptions that may lead to poor sourcing decisions when they are choosing a CMP to build a private cloud, or when buying … Continue reading

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