Help Make LibreOffice Even Better – Take the Test

LibreOffice is examining icons for the menus. If you have a few minutes visit and take the test to see how many icons you recognize. I missed a few because I don’t use the full suite daily… I also don’t read pictures very well.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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8 Responses to Help Make LibreOffice Even Better – Take the Test

  1. dougman says:

    Chrissy, really sounds upset. I don’t think it is happy with the upcoming release of METROFAIL.

    Windows 8 is the worst version of Windows ever. Microsoft completely ruined the desktop. The removal of the start menu, glass windows, gradient drawing, and drop shadows has taken all the “life” out of the desktop. It’s now a horrible experience – hastily grafted into a single Metro screen.

    However, at least you can install a registry hack to disable “Metro” (which we shouldn’t have to do), and you can get third party apps to replace the start menu with a W7 or XP start menu. Unfortunately we can’t get rid of the “ribbon”, which I also don’t like at all.

    All this ill will because Microsoft refuses to allow a desktop version of Windows that allows the Metro, Start Menu and Ribbon issues to be optional installations. They are actually willing to alienate something like half their potential customers in the hopes their tablet and phone markets will take off enough to make up for all the people who won’t purchase the o/s for desktops and laptops.

    The only issue that i have had with any of the versions of Windows 8 (and i have run every one of them thus far) is that on my desktop if i insert a flash drive that is boot-able, windows 8 assumes somehow that it contains the OS, so when i pull the drive out, windows errors and restarts. This is an annoyance personally, as i have a bunch of drives with repair and diagnostics tools, so after they update my PC crashes!

  2. oiaohm says:

    Chris Weig really your arguement is bogus. Go look at Calligra Suite.

    The issue with OpenOffice and its bad default look tracks more to the lack of freedom of people to tinker and suggest replacements.

    Chris Weig really its about time you stop complaining and pull your head out sand and see where these user-friendly defects have been coming from.

    Libreoffice is has had more major issues to deal with. Like major memory bloat issues. Now they are getting caught up on back log of work that should have been done sooner. The issue of look is raised.

    The survey is the start to the process.

    Gimp started fixing up its gui for a full formal review. Blender has taken the evolutionary path.

    When it comes to GUI quality its not a constant problem across foss.

    Gnome has been the worse and caused by the very person Microsoft gave the MVP to.

    Chris Weig OpenOffice and libreoffice out box comes with 5 different icon sets at least under Linux.

    Note I said at least under Linux. I really had a little trouble with the survey most of those icons do I see. I use KDE under Linux and Libreoffice uses the KDE provided icon set. So looks nicely different. Blending in with KDE.

    Maybe this is because you have always used FOSS from windows so never saw the KDE icon set.

    There are reason for Linux major desktops having fan followings.

  3. Chris Weig says:

    Yeah, Pogson, we all know it ad nauseam. Bad defaults in FLOSS can be excused always because you as the user have the f**king freedoms to change and modify and tinker and switch to proprietary software once you realize that your time is too costly to waste it on FLOSS.

  4. JR wrote, “”Wow, these icons are still looking like crap. That’s FLOSS for you.”

    Grow up!”

    Amen. In GNU/Linux, one can change the icons, too. So, seeing crap everywhere is a sign of laziness/poor house-keeping skill of the occupant, not a feature of the house.

  5. oiaohm says:

    Chris Weig the reality here the survey is because they are going to rework the icons.

    You don’t change icons too much if people can identify them. First step is locating the icons people don’t identify.

  6. JR says:

    @ Chris Weig

    Your comment refers …..”Wow, these icons are still looking like crap. That’s FLOSS for you.”

    Grow up!

  7. Chris Weig says:

    Wow, these icons are still looking like crap. That’s FLOSS for you.

  8. dougman says:

    Nice test, I can see now the Document Foundation is really putting effort in improving LibreOffice for the better.

    The only thing I would add to Libreoffice is a note taking tool, an email program and perhaps a few others items, but thats just my opinion.

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