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Celebrating GNU/Linux

I am an unabashed proponent of GNU/Linux. The reasons are many: Switching to the OS saved my sanity at a point in my teaching career when I was dealing with 20 students from grades 9 to 11 and with a … Continue reading

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Gardening Score-card

In some ways this was a great growing season. I have never had such a good crop of corn. In other ways it has been disastrous. My Russian Giant sunflowers took forever to get started and are still not ripe. … Continue reading

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The Generations of Spam

More than a decade ago when I used Hotmail, I was getting more spam than normal e-mail. I can’t remember the details. It was the shear weight… Now I get only rare spam via GMail but I have a blog … Continue reading

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Subscriptions for Software

M$ is pushing people to buy licences by subscription. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that but try doing the maths. It looks like there’s no easy answer to the cost since one can pay forever or just a few years. … Continue reading

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Unbiased Web Stats For Germany

We know these are hard to come by but there is hope. In particular regions there are sites: of particular interest to the regions, with subject matter rather remote from operating systems and software, with a good volume, and with … Continue reading

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I Hate Telephones Most of the Time

Ever since I was young I knew telephones were evil. They would interrupt people rudely at any time of the day or night. Today was different. The phone rang and I picked it up. During the conversation I was informed … Continue reading

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Two Solitudes: Desktop GNU/Linux and Server GNU/Linux

I find it amusing when the same human beings who rationally promote GNU/Linux on the server get hung up on small details when the subject changes to the Desktop. Sam Varghese points this out: “Both Weber and Behlert were at … Continue reading

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The Little Woman Gets a Database

She’s been accumulating many thousands of images and the rate is accelerating. Big categories are the family, real estate and the grandchild. For serious encounters she has a digital camera but her smart phone is not far behind in production. … Continue reading

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Extremadura Confirms Commitment to FLOSS

I have been writing for years about the benefits of FLOSS including GNU/Linux and thin clients in education. Government usage is not that much different so this combination should be useful in government as well. Apparently Extremadura thinks so: “CIO … Continue reading

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Intel – Puting the OS in Silicon

We’ve known for many years that Intel keeps making its chips more complex for increased performance and a higher price, but the Haswell architecture is a definite step towards putting the OS and its applications in silicon. Power management which … Continue reading

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Senator: M$ Dodges US taxes

“In Microsoft’s case, the company charges three foreign subsidiaries large licensing fees to sell its products. In 2011, two of those subsidiaries, in the low-tax jurisdictions of Ireland and Singapore, paid about US$4 billion for those licenses, then sold products … Continue reading

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M$ Just Another Player in Tablets

According to IDC, “Windows tablets (which include Windows 7 tablets shipping today, and Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets shipping in the fourth quarter of 2012) are expected to grow from about 1% of the market in 2011 to 4% … Continue reading

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