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Follow the DRAM – Smart Phones v PCs

If people were only using their smart phones for calling or even one thing at a time there would be little need for more RAM but usage is growing 50% per annum as people find smart phones so useful. According … Continue reading

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Middle East Mess

I have been paying attention to what happens in the Middle East for 50 years, like many people my age. The problems and the players gradually change but there’s always a mess. Today’s hot issues: the Syrian civil war attacks … Continue reading

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France: Free Software Adoption

It seems every week we read of yet another government somewhere setting course for FLOSS. This week it’s France: “ Ayrault wants different branches of the French administration to use the same free software as one another when possible, so … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Involved in Something Puzzling

A break-in occurred at an office for a candidate in an election-campaign – boring GNU/Linux was installed on a PC in the office as vandalism – Hmmmm… Rocks were thrown through the window “to hide the break-in” – Hmmmm… The … Continue reading

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Nice Try, but The Bad Guys Lose

For a few days, two files on a Sourceforge mirror were modified to ship malware with phpMyAdmin. 400 downloads went out before Sourceforge shut down the mirror. Instead of taking over the world, the bad guys were stopped cold. Globally, … Continue reading

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DRAM Marches On

While much has been written here about CPUs and software, fast memory is a key element of computing both personal and on servers. 2012 marks an important evolution of DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory). Gone are the days when a … Continue reading

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New Tech From

In the spam from Walmart, I found some “New Tech”. Interestingly of the 88 items, 15 are reported to have an operating system: “Operating System Google Android (14) Windows OS (1) “ What’s on your shopping list today? Refining the … Continue reading

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In Praise of IBM

Lately there has been a lot of mud-slinging at IBM in the comments. I thought I should balance things out a bit. IBM celebrate 100 years of business with a “100 Icons” page. It’s a good read. I actually touched … Continue reading

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FLOSS in Government – They Go Well Together

“open source may provide solutions to the various needs of public agencies, including: Affordable software for individuals, businesses, and governments; Increased security and reliability; Reduced costs and less dependency on imported software technology and skills; Access to government data without … Continue reading

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Correlation of IE Usage and GNU/Linux Usage

I was looking at webstats trying to find a correlation between use of IE and GNU/Linux. One could argue that there should not be any but some fraction of people not using IE may be using GNU/Linux so there should … Continue reading

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Who helped you get started with Linux?

That’s the question of a poll I found on a German site, The answer they found? Response Share (%) The Internet (instructions, lists) 46% A book 22% An experienced friend 13% An instructor / trainer 3% One group (LUG) … Continue reading

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On-line Poll: 33% Use LibreOffice in Finland

Tietokone IT magazing did a poll which shows that LibreOffice and combined have a bigger share than M$’s office suite and LibreOffice has 33% share. Not too shabby… Did they poll readers about GNU/Linux? Nope, but they did ask … Continue reading

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