Monash University Survey of Entering Students

Between 2010 and 2011, the university clarified their questions to reflect changes in technology 😉 and I gleaned these tidbits:

  • the silly geese confuse OS and hardware but between questions 1 and 2 and the explanatory notes at the end one can conclude that at least 3% of students use a GNU/Linux personal computer at home… They identify “PC” and a Wintel beast… but they have other categories, “other” including GNU/Linux as an example and Mac and iPad and “handheld” so “other” doesn’t leave much for interpretation except UNIX or some really rare OS.
  • hardly anyone used an iPad or hand-held device in 2011
  • lots of students use both a notebook and a desktop so GNU/Linux may have been on some of those machines

So, ~1% seems incompatible with usage share of GNU/Linux by college-bound students in Australia. Usage is several times higher. That could mean schools use it a bit, too, so there is hope for IT in Australia.

Student ICT Usage Survey 2011.

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