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Monash University Survey of Entering Students

Between 2010 and 2011, the university clarified their questions to reflect changes in technology 😉 and I gleaned these tidbits: the silly geese confuse OS and hardware but between questions 1 and 2 and the explanatory notes at the end … Continue reading

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FOMCA – Malaysia Promote FLOSS Instead of FreeDOS or NoOS on PCs

The government has been working hard to promote use of GNU/Linux and FLOSS in government but a consumers’ group is agitating to encourage local dealers to sell GNU/Linux and FLOSS instead of NoOS or FreeDOS on PCs to undercut illegal … Continue reading

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Family and Fruits

I wanted to share with you some of the good things in life, family, pumpkins and beets. In spite of the worst drought I can remember since the 1960s, it has been a good year:

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LimuxWatch Gives Up. Munich and GNU/Linux Win

“No posts.” see Munich Linux Watch. 😉 Mayor Ude has a broad smile these days. He started the migration to GNU/Linux in 2003 against heckling from M$ and all its sycophants including LimuxWatch. The migration’s highest priority was not saving … Continue reading

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Governments Cutting the Chains of Lock-in

“Germany should have a policy to increase the use of free software by public administrations. Citizens should not be forced to buy specific software for interacting with their public administration, says Hofmann. The latter is “one of the fundamental reasons … Continue reading

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Rapid Changes in Desktop PCs in Thailand

Thailand is rapidly acquiring IT of all kinds. They have a website for their own web stats, truehits.net. Sure, it’s small, but look at the rate of growth, ~200% per annum. I like that. It’s much better for GNU/Linux than … Continue reading

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