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In the spam from Walmart, I found some “New Tech”. Interestingly of the 88 items, 15 are reported to have an operating system:
“Operating System

  • Google Android (14)
  • Windows OS (1)

What’s on your shopping list today?

Refining the list to 5 laptops we find all of them use that other OS. I guess Walmart doesn’t even think it classes as an operating system… Chuckle.

Anyway, Walmart continues to buy and sell Android/Linux tablets by the truckload. The best-seller of the Android tablets is the Google Nexus. I guess the brand recognition is paying off at $250. The next best-seller is Visual Land Prestige 7L Android 4.0 Internet Tablet 7″ Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen 8GB Memory, Assorted Colors at $100.

You know */Linux has made it when the other items viewed by people who viewed the Nexus, were other Android/Linux tablets. There is competition and a thriving ecosystem of a choice of products for consumers. They even have a choice of colours.

I don’t think it will be long before one of Canonical’s salesmen get through to Walmart that FLOSS sells even on retail shelves.

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9 Responses to New Tech From

  1. oldman, being incredibly stubborn, wrote, “Most of which are probably paved over with windows as soon as possible after purchase.”

    Do you really believe people will routinely pay to have two different OS installed on their PCs one after the other? Chuckle. The only people I know who do that are computer geeks and desperate people. The population of Brazil is not magically computer geekish and they certainly are not desperate. They have choice on their retail shelves.

  2. oldman says:

    “Walmart had no problem selling GNU/Linux netbooks”

    Yes they still sell them with windows installed.

    “Walmart sells a ton of GNU/Linux PCs in Brazil”

    Most of which are probably paved over with windows as soon as possible after purchase.

  3. Chris Weig wrote, “Let Walmart sell PCs with Linux pre-installed. Customers will return the suckers in spades.”

  4. Walmart had no problem selling GNU/Linux netbooks
  5. Walmart sells a ton of GNU/Linux PCs in Brazil