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Unbiased Web Stats For Germany

We know these are hard to come by but there is hope. In particular regions there are sites: of particular interest to the regions, with subject matter rather remote from operating systems and software, with a good volume, and with … Continue reading

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I Hate Telephones Most of the Time

Ever since I was young I knew telephones were evil. They would interrupt people rudely at any time of the day or night. Today was different. The phone rang and I picked it up. During the conversation I was informed … Continue reading

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Two Solitudes: Desktop GNU/Linux and Server GNU/Linux

I find it amusing when the same human beings who rationally promote GNU/Linux on the server get hung up on small details when the subject changes to the Desktop. Sam Varghese points this out: “Both Weber and Behlert were at … Continue reading

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The Little Woman Gets a Database

She’s been accumulating many thousands of images and the rate is accelerating. Big categories are the family, real estate and the grandchild. For serious encounters she has a digital camera but her smart phone is not far behind in production. … Continue reading

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Extremadura Confirms Commitment to FLOSS

I have been writing for years about the benefits of FLOSS including GNU/Linux and thin clients in education. Government usage is not that much different so this combination should be useful in government as well. Apparently Extremadura thinks so: “CIO … Continue reading

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Intel – Puting the OS in Silicon

We’ve known for many years that Intel keeps making its chips more complex for increased performance and a higher price, but the Haswell architecture is a definite step towards putting the OS and its applications in silicon. Power management which … Continue reading

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