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FLOSS Preference – non-Free Software To Be The Exception in Malta

The call for comment contains this: “MITA is establishing a framework through which the industry is made aware of Government’s preferred technologies. MITA is committed to publish a Technology Outlook and Roadmap on a regular basis. The Agency’s posture of … Continue reading

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Freiburg’s Stealth Return to a non-Free Office Suite

Despite a public outcry the move to return to M$’s office suite continues in Freiburg. The city has decided on its own and is ignoring the city council’s interest in the matter, citing only a secret report about interoperability and … Continue reading

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Some Things Are Too Good To Pass Up, Even In Politics

There is so much garbage in politics today that it’s a huge waste of energy for most of us to pay any attention. However occasionally there comes an event where we just cannot avert our eyes or plug our ears. … Continue reading

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FLOSS Usage in Parliaments

“Most parliaments (80 %) now use at least one open source application. In most cases this type of software is used to run servers (50 %), for webpublishing (36 %), databases (31 %) and email (31 %).” via Report shows … Continue reading

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Consumers and Students, Here’s an Office Suite For You.

Whether you’re a student, a blogger, an employee or an owner of a small business or just need something for the occasional letter, LibreOffice is a great tool for you and it costs $0, the price of a download. Not … Continue reading

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Internet Exploder Versions 6 through 9 Explode

Remember when M$ integrated IE with the OS way back when? Some of you may not be old enough to remember but that nightmare is coming back to haunt the world of IT. M$’s Internet Exploder doesn’t delete “objects” properly … Continue reading

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