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Gartner Misses a Big Change in Indian IT

Gartner is mostly about business use of IT but they miss the point that government and education are huge businesses with major shifts in IT happening today, not 2 to 10 years down the road. Gartner: “Among the 43 technologies … Continue reading

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Need a Container-load of Small Cheap Computers? Call China’s Alibaba

Alibaba is expected to exceed sales of Amazon and eBay combined this year. It’s no wonder. Alibaba has a pipeline to China, the world’s manufacturer of everything from garden sprayers to small cheap computers. China has hundreds of OEMs who … Continue reading

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Follow the DRAM

Those who claim old-fashioned PC dominate and continue to dominate IT missed something. I missed it too. For the first time in recent memory the consumption of DRAM, the fast memory used in PCs, is less than 50% in old-fashioned … Continue reading

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