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Old, but Good, Technology Brought Up To Date

The waves of nostalgia I have felt digging through the stuff in my old workshop keep washing things to the shore of my consciousness. One is electronics. I used to do electronics with vacuum tubes and point-to-point wiring in the … Continue reading

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Archos Moves Up the Tablet Tree

Archos has been big on low-end tablets meeting the need for small cheap computers, but considering that iPads still sell they have gone upscale with an “ultrabook”-ish tablet with a good processor and a cover/dock/keyboard arrangement. This has just about … Continue reading

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Where Competition Thrives, M$ Dives

In 1995 M$ was just beginning to have a presence on the web. When Lose ’95 was inflicted on the world, M$ bundled its browser with the OS and did anti-competitive actions to boost its presence. It’s web server, IIS, … Continue reading

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