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What To Do With Hundreds of Tomatoes

I have had diverse experiences with my garden this year. I have the best ever beets, tomatoes, sunflower, corn and weeds… thanks to a lot of heat and some irrigation and little time to care for things thanks to renovating … Continue reading

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I’m OK Then. I Use Computers A Lot.

The interesting thing about growing old is that it doesn’t bother me any more. I have reached “acceptance”. I am slowing down. I can do more things but also more slowly. One worry is how I shall fade out. Will … Continue reading

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Demand for Debian GNU/Linux Spreads

Russia and Malaysia have new mirrors of the Debian repository of Free Software. This shows the continuing global acceptance of Debian GNU/Linux as a great distribution of software. People value the price ($0), the performance (lack of malware, not phoning … Continue reading

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Problems in the Industry of Making and Selling PCs

Joshua Shapiro has an understanding of the horror which has become of the PC industry. M$ gets its stuff put on OEM PCs and applications may or may not be installed by the OEM or the end user. OEMs make … Continue reading

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M$ Admits Failure To Implement Open Standards For Years

The following statement was released 2012-08-13, promising finally to implement an open standard M$ foisted on the world but did not follow since 2007, five years ago. Deliberately choosing to break an open standard is reprehensible and possibly illegal restraint … Continue reading

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