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M$, Being All-in for the Cloud Creates a Cloud OS, Which Google Patents…

“A system for providing an operating system over a network to a local device is provided. The system includes a base image server, a preferences image server and an image loader. The system may also include a boot loader. A … Continue reading

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Sarcasm – You Cannot Do Much Without M$ – EndSarcasm

Well, the whole city of Sunnyvale (pop. 140K) does a lot with GNU/Linux, apparently. They are mostly Google (employees: 54K) and use Goobuntu or some variant of Ubuntu GNU/Linux. “Bushnell was asked why Ubuntu instead of say Fedora or openSUSE? … Continue reading

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Tablets Killing Desktop PCs

No matter how much loyalists tout the essential nature of desktop PCs, consumers are buying tablets in place of them. My local Walmart had not a single desktop PC set up when I last visited. It was all notebooks, tablets … Continue reading

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Cloud Growing 91% Per Annum in China

There is huge emphasis on cloud-computing in China as it is a good answer to a weak IT infrastructure and thinly spread IT skills. Concentrating IT skills in cloud-computing centres makes a lot of sense. China Daily published data showing … Continue reading

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