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HP and Disruption, All in the Same Page

Hmmm… The Register has dug up more on WebOS. Not only is HP finally releasing it as FLOSS, but they are hiring… That may mean that HP will get back in the WebOS device business. Good news. The more */Linux … Continue reading

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Acer Enters Thin Client Market

Thin clients are nothing new but Acer producing them is. Another interesting point is that some of these are ARMed so we could be seeing even more widespread adoption of */Linux on ARM and x86. DevonIT’s deTOS OS is one … Continue reading

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Christian Schaller on Desktop Linux

Christian Schaller has a well-reasoned response to MdI’s comments on the status of the GNU/Linux desktop. There are plenty of reasons why GNU/Linux is not on more desktops and monopoly/exclusive dealing is at the head of his list too. The … Continue reading

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The Old Homestead

My wife and I built this little place in the country 22 years ago located 10 minutes north of Winnipeg. Main features: lovely treed lot (2 apples, 1 apricot, 2 maples, 2 elms, 2 spruce, raspberries, lilac and junipers, well … Continue reading

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