Got an Old *TX PC Kicking Around? Newegg Can Help You Turn It Into An Android Desktop for $64.99

There are a few things that can go wrong with old ATX PCs but a swap of components can often fix them. Here’s your chance to swap a dead/old motherboard with a new/live neo-ITX mogtherboard sporting an ARMed processor and Android/Linux. All you need is a screwdriver, dexterity and $64.99 ($59.99 in USA). You can help your environment, too. No fans on this baby unless your PSU needs one.

see – Avatar APC 8750 WM8750 Processor (ARMv6) – ARM1176JZF @800Mhz 6.69" x 3.35" Motherboard/CPU Combo.

OK, 800MHz is a bit from the last decade, but if you’re not in a rush, you can do a bit of browsing or run some nice app in 512MB. Besides plug-compatibility, neat features of these units are 4 USB ports, a VGA and an HDMI port. It even has a microSD slot. Surely you can do something with them, like feed images to your FaceBook/Blog site or use them as thin clients.

See APC, the manufacturer.

I am not sure I have any dead-motherboard-*TX units laying around. I may have to do some dumpster-diving or pay some kid to do it for me… 😉

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