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Hardware Roulette

I needed to buy a card-reader to replace one that died so I stopped by at Walmart on this hot afternoon. The store had expanded and moved the electronics department so I had a bit of exercise and actually walked … Continue reading

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Apple v Samsung Jury Went for a Nantucket Boat Ride

A “Nantucket boat ride” happens when you hook into a whale and it tows your boat… This can be dangerous. It was for the jury. Their fearless leader had no idea what “prior art” meant and decided no prior art … Continue reading

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Apple v GNU/Linux

It never ceases to amaze me the forms that FUD takes. Look what just popped up, FUD about GNU/Linux even being in M$’s league. Now folks are writing that GNU/Linux is not even in Apple’s league on the desktop… “But … Continue reading

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