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The Quality of Debian GNU/Linux

I have been using a pre-release version (Wheezy) of Debian GNU/Linux on my PCs for months with great satisfaction. How is that possible with hundreds of known bugs in the repository? Simple. The repository holds many thousands of packages and … Continue reading

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Canton of Waadt and Swiss Supreme Court Get FLOSS

Chuckle. Some people don’t get FLOSS, like the vendor that complained about the Swiss Supreme Court planning to share software it created: “The vendor feared the court was entering into competition. The developers in response pointed to the Swiss e-government … Continue reading

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Apple’s Paid Shill/Consultant Caught Out

Apple, like M$, likes to manage the news with some level of reasonable deniability. Apple has retained Florian Mueller as a consultant. He blogged about how Oracle would kick butt in Oracle v Google (Google won, big-time) and how Apple … Continue reading

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