Gartner Predicts Consumerization of IT is Imminent.

“consumerization is now expected to reach the Plateau of Productivity in two to five years, down from five to 10 years in 2011.”

That’s quite a change and since Android/Linux and iOS have lead the charge in consumerization, this is a cloud on M$’s horizon. Combine the willingness of business to admit other technologies than Wintel and the huge emerging markets in small cheap computers and progress in cloud-computing, it is a black cloud indeed. M$ and its “partners” may wish to catch the wave of consumerization but they are very late to the party and have no brand recognition in mobility which is at the heart of consumerization.

A further note on the hype-cycle of emerging technologies. */Linux is not shown anywhere. I guess that’s because it has emerged as underpinning many of the hyped technologies like virtual desktops and cloud-computing and consumerization. A couple of years ago, */Linux was shown as 2-5 years from maturity. That emergence is now.

see Gartner's 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Identifies "Tipping Point" Technologies That Will Unlock Long-Awaited Technology Scenarios.

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