Basques at the Leading Edge of FLOSS Thinking

The Basques are an interesting people. They are nominally part of Spain and France but fierce local nationalism survives within. Not surprisingly, fierce independence in software is exhibited by a recent change to their laws:

“"The Basque Country decree takes national laws and European regulations one step further", explains Cenatic’s spokesperson. "These laws and regulations are about promoting sharing and reuse of public administration software. The Basque decree amplifies openness and reuse of existent and future public body applications."

The decree instructs public administrations to make public everything involved in their software development, says the spokesperson. "That includes purchasing and the maintenance process. It should all become open data."”

via 'Basque Country's open source law challenges other Spanish regions' | Joinup.

Chuckle. I think Wintel is losing its grip on Spain/Europe. Openness does not promote monopoly. Openness trims the horns of Wintel. Wintel has thrived on divide-and-conquer secrecy. Openness makes all plain with no opportunity to buy off segments. FLOSS is the right way to do IT.

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