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How Many Holes are There in That Other OS, It’s Office Suite and InternetExploder?

“Microsoft has fixed 26 vulnerabilities in its software products, including several considered critical, the company said on Tuesday in its monthly security patch report.” That’s the kind of news we hear every month from M$. It gives a clue to … Continue reading

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Building Computer Labs for Free

I found an article about a teacher building a computer lab on $0. That’s mostly what I did for years refurbishing whatever PCs were in storage or not being used in schools where I taught. GNU/Linux is very flexible and … Continue reading

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Close Encounter of the Wrong Kind

On the spur of the moment I downloaded M$’s 32bit preview version of “8”. Try as I might, I could not get it to run: On the first go, I got Error 5D, which was correct. I was using a … Continue reading

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Basques at the Leading Edge of FLOSS Thinking

The Basques are an interesting people. They are nominally part of Spain and France but fierce local nationalism survives within. Not surprisingly, fierce independence in software is exhibited by a recent change to their laws: “"The Basque Country decree takes … Continue reading

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Canalys on Chinese Smart Phones

Recently Canalys reported phenomenal growth of Android/Linux smart phones in China. “Android has become a major growth driver in China, running on 81% of the smart phones shipped in China in Q2 2012.” That’s 10% more than the share globally. … Continue reading

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