TechJournal Assumes Facts Not In Evidence

Salman Latif wrote,

“the big problem for Acer and other vendors who get their software directly from Microsoft is that there is no other viable alternative. These vendors cannot jump the ship of Windows and move over to another OS just like that. And Microsoft is well aware of that, which is precisely why the software giant launched its own tablets because it knew that its partners don’t have a choice but to continue working with Windows.”

Wake up Salman! It’s not 1995. Today GNU/Linux and Android/Linux are well capable of fulfilling the role. Just ask Dell which is shipping millions of units in China and India with Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Just ask Lenovo who will ship thousands of GNU/Linux units to anyone who requests it. Just ask HP which saw that in 2007 and has continued to sell high-end GNU/Linux client PCs ever since.

Over the last decade there have been huge roll-outs of GNU/Linux in governments and industry all around the world. Brazil, Russia, India, Malaysia and China all have official policies promoting FLOSS and GNU/Linux. OEMs supplying GNU/Linux there are already enjoying a brisk business. OEMs can point consumers, businesses and retailers at those successes to promote a shift to GNU/Linux and there’s nothing M$ can do to stop them. If M$ attempted to become its own OEM of PCs, they would be shut out of highly competitive markets on price alone and delayed years to reach volume. M$’s bank account would be gone in a few years if they tried that. OEMs have been living under tiny margins for a decade thanks to M$. OEMs can produce units more cheaply with GNU/Linux than M$ could produce with that other OS simply because of the bloat and complexity of M$’s software. In a free market, M$ fails.

The OEMs can stand up against M$. They could even boycott M$ entirely and pocket an extra $50 per PC to cover any costs of switching. ISVs would have to scramble to port applications to GNU/Linux but end users could continue to use their current systems for a few months while that happens. Hardware makers are mostly GNU/Linux compatible already. The world can make its own software and does not owe M$ a living.

see Acer Tones Down Statement Against Microsoft And Surface | TheTechJournal.

I recommend Debian GNU/Linux for the revolt. It works for real people, not M$. Debian GNU/Linux is a cooperative product of the world, the right way to do IT.

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2 Responses to TechJournal Assumes Facts Not In Evidence

  1. Clarence Moon says:

    Well, so much for Plan B, eh?

    I guess one of Wang’s cronies at Acer said “JT, you old coot! Wassa matter with you? You outta your mind?” Any way, all’s well that ends well.

  2. dougman says:

    Wang said that a Surface tablet priced at $199 would have a big impact (presumably negative). But one priced at $499 to $599 would have “a lot smaller” impact.

    I suppose being priced at $1000, there is little to worry about as they will not sell.

    Wow, $1000 for a tablet, in a down economy, that looks like a notebook? No thanks.

    For almost 1/2 the cost, you can get this:

    For $199, one can get the Nexus 7 tablet:

    “If Microsoft is going to do hardware business, what should we do? Should we still rely on Microsoft, or should we find other alternatives?”

    Mr. Wang,

    I would continue with your use Android OS, in addition I would look at partnering with a few Linux distributions, as I am sure they would sell, perhaps not in America but in the rest of the world they will.

    Thank you.

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